The Pistachio Industry Follows the Peanut Industry

When the peanut butter recall hit, the American Peanut Butter Council issued a list of the items that were not affected by the recall, which was isolated to the products of now-defunct Peanut Corporation of America. 

The similar, though less-publicized, pistachio recall has also been isolated to pistachios from a single company, Setton Farms.  And the Western Pistachio Association has developed a website,, dedicated to listing products unaffected by the recall.  According to the FAQ on the site, the products listed on the unaffected products list are those that producers and distributors indicated on a signed affidavit did not include pistachios from Setton Farms. 

Setton Farms International Inc. and Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc. did finally put the news of the recall on their website, along with messages to their wholesale customers.  The differences between the pistachio and peanut outbreaks come down to two things, which bode well for Setton Farms' future.  First, there have not only been no reported deaths from pistachios, there have been no cases of salmonellosis.  Second, an inspection of Setton Farms' other plant, in Commack, New York, by New York State authorities, indicated no presence of salmonella

Finally, the FDA has a pistachio widget, too.

FDA Product Recall List

Pistachio Product Recall 2009. Flash Player 9 is required.FDA pistachio product Recall Widget. Flash Player 9 is required. Visit to search for pistachio product recalls for more information.

More on Pistachios and Setton Farms

As I predicted yesterday, the pistachio recall is affecting more products.  The FDA has a nice list

Meanwhile, the Setton Farms website, as of 1:30 pm PDT today, still has no information on the recall. 

The Pistachio Recall: More Salmonella

The FDA and the California Department of Public Health announced on March 30 the recall of pistachios from Setton Farms, which have been linked to a discovery of salmonella originally identified by Kraft Foods in Back to Nature Trail Mix.  The FDA has a list of recalled products, but that may grow. 

Obviously, we have been through this drill before.  It is interesting to note the reactions of different involved parties.

As the links above show, both the FDA and the Calfiornia Department of Public Health note the recall on their home pages.  I would note that the FDA's message is easier to find, though.

Kraft notes it as a "Consumer Alert" in the upper right hand corner of their home page.  It's not particularly prominent, but it is visible.

Setton Farms, at least as of the time this post was entered, did not note the recall on its home page at all. 

Given that information about a nationwide recall of their pistachio products is available on Fox Business, the New York Times, Huffington Post and pretty much any other news outlet, you would think that Setton Farms would have had someone update their website and put this in big red letters.