Next week’s food law symposium at Seattle University School of Law, cosponsored by my law firm, Stoel Rives is approaching quickly (I will be one of the moderators). In attendance will be Governor Christine Gregoire, top officials from the CDC and the USDA, representatives of the food industry, scientists, consumer advocates, food lawyers (both plaintiff and defense), and other stakeholders.

With the largest meat recall in U.S. history just a few weeks behind us, an uptick in large-scale food-borne outbreaks in the last 18 months, and the current focus on these issues by the media and the U.S. Congress, the symposium could not be more timely. I expect a lively debate about the trends in food safety, upcoming legislation, imports, and the responsibilities of consumers and the food industry, among other things. Anyone (not just lawyers) involved in food safety or food liability should attend. Registration is limited and filling up fast.