As previously discussed on this blog, the FDA recently approved irradiation for iceberg lettuce and spinach. We pointed out  that "irradiation may provide an added level of protection from food-borne illnesses such as salmonella and E. coli. When used in combination with other state-of-the-art food handling practices, irradiation should dramatically reduce the chances of transmitting food-borne illnesses to consumers."

Now, it appears that at least some in the plaintiffs’ community agree that irradiation of fresh produce may be a good thing. Bill Marler, one of the leading plaintiffs’ attorneys in the food liability area, is running a series of in-depth pieces on his blog on irradiation.

Mr. Marler’s conclusion in part II of his series echoes what we’ve posted in this blog :"In summary, food irradiation is not a ‘silver bullet’ for food safety. However, the increasing problem of illnesses and deaths associated with consumption of fresh produce, including lettuce and spinach, emphasizes the need for an intervention."