As discussed previously on this blog, the ABA Section of Litigation, Products Liability Committee will soon publish its 50-state survey on consumer protection statutes. In addition to the chapter on Washington, Bryan Anderson and I also coauthored the Alaska chapter.  

As with Washington, the Alaska statute is quite broad. See AS § 45.50.471-.561. A recent development in Alaska law extends the act to permit claims between commercial entities. See W. Star Trucks v. Big Iron Equip. Serv., Inc., 101 P.3d 1047 (Alaska 2004).  

A unique aspect of Alaska law is that it follows the English Rule awarding attorneys’ fees to the prevailing party. An interesting issue arises in the class context when a defendant “prevails” in a class suit. Who is responsible for paying prevailing party fees under Alaska Civil Rule 82 or AS § 45.50.537? The Alaska Supreme Court has resolved this issue by deciding that “named” class members may be liable for a prevailing defendant’s attorneys’ fees but that “absent” class members who are passive and have “relatively small claims” may not. See Turner v. Alaska Commc’ns Sys. Long Distance, Inc., 78 P.3d 264, 266-70 (Alaska 2003).