An Interesting news item out of Kathmandu40 airport guards were taken sick with what appears to be dysentery all at the same time.  The cause appears to be eating the same tainted food in the same employee cafeteria.  According to the Malaysian national news agency:

All the police personnel used to share a cafeteria. Probably, they had eaten pumpkin curry and pickle of radish and potato unfit for human consumption which caused them food poisoning,

35 of the guards had been released from the hospital, and the airport, the only international airport in Nepal, employs 323 guards, but the question remains:  can you allow all the guards on a single shift to eat the same food at the same time without knowing that it is absolutely, positively, safe?  Otherwise, you’re taking the risk that the bad pickle of radish can lead to more dire consequences. 

We’ve all, I presume, seen Airplane!  You’ll be hoping that someone picked the right day to give up pumpkin curry.