Nestlé is voluntarily recalling all its refrigerated and frozen chocolate chip cookie dough.  The FDA and CDC warn of the risk of contamination with E. coli O157:H7.  In its release, Nestle says the following: 

Nestlé Toll House cookies made from refrigerated and frozen dough are perfectly safe for consumption when prepared according to the instructions on the label. These clearly state that the raw dough must be baked before consumption.

The CDC has a podcast telling kids the same thing: don’t eat raw cookie dough. 

Nestlé is suggesting that consumers return unused cookie dough to their stores for a full refundWe assume that Nestle will be reimbursing the stores. 

We have complimented Nestle for its food safety program in the past.  As their release says, "The safety and quality of its products is a non-negotiable priority for Nestlé, and the company apologizes for any inconvenience cause by this voluntary recall. " 

But there is good news:  the recall doesn’t affect any chocolate chips, or any baked cookies.