The maker of Redline energy drinks has been sued in federal court in California.  The plaintiff, Zack Aaronson, is seeking class action status for his lawsuit against Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (operating under the trademark VPX).

The plaintiff claims that VPX failed to adequately warn consumers of potential side effects and health risks associated with consuming VPX’s Redline energy products.  Among other things, the plaintiff alleges that consumers have reported adverse side effects including chills, excessive sweating, vomiting, convulsions, chest pains, and rapid heartbeat.

According to VPX’s website, Redline is available as energy drinks and gel caps.  The company touts the products as “the first physique-transforming matrix to coax your body to burn fat through the ‘shivering response.’”

The case is Aaronson v. Vital Pharmacetucals, Inc., S.D. Cal. Case No. 09-1333.  A copy of the complaint is available here.