As I predicted last week, more and more companies are discovering that they had incorporated products from Plainview Milk Products Cooperative into what they sold.  The full FDA database, which is constantly being updated, is here.

While there have now been recalls of products as widely different as frosting and diet mixes, I was most struck by Godiva’s recall.  As others have noted, as of the time of this post this doesn’t appear anywhere in the Godiva website, either. 

Godiva’s recall related to a special collection that was available only for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. The "consume by" date for the Valentine’s Day candy has passed and the "consume by" date for the Mother’s Day collection has nearly passed.  Exactly one candy in the box, a praline crunch, included product from Plainview.  No one has complained of any symptoms from eating this candy.  So, if you, your mom, your grandma, your spouse or your sweetheart (a) got this box for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, (b) haven’t finished it yet, even though it has a short "consume by" window that has more likely passed; and (c) didn’t eat that praline crunch, then you are supposed to discard the product and call 1-800-9GODIVA for a refund. 

The Godiva recall is being taken as a superabundance of caution, given the unlikelihood anyone meets all those criteria.  However, it does indicate that not all Plainview products were shelf-stable.  This may go on for awhile.