In just a couple of weeks (Feb. 23-25), I’ll be in Austin for the GMA Food Claims & Litigation Conference. Let me know if you plan to attend. I’ll be presenting with Scott Rickman from Del Monte Foods on consumer fraud class claims arising from food product labeling and marketing. Anyone in the business of selling branded food products should be tracking the trends in consumer fraud class claims. Thanks to the erosion of preemption defenses and increased FDA enforcement action, we’re see many more of these claims, and more result in protracted litigation.

If you’re interested in a preview of the consumer fraud issues that we’ll cover, look at the related posts here. If you can’t be in Austin, let me know and I’ll be happy to share the PowerPoint slide deck and supplemental materials.

Also, if there’s something related to consumer fraud claims or food liability that we haven’t covered in the blog or that you’d like to see more coverage on, please let me know. We at would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!