You have probably heard about the great egg recall of 2010, which has required Wright County Eggs of Galt, Iowa to recall an ever-growing number of shell eggs because of fears of salmonella enteriditis

An interesting issue here is the non-overlapping jurisdiction of USDA and FDA over eggs in the shell.  According to the FDA:

Generally, USDA is responsible for egg safety at what are called breaker plants or egg products processing facilities. In these facilities eggs are broken and pasteurized. FDA is responsible for shell egg safety and egg products once they leave the breaking facility.

Interestingly, while this outbreak is easily found on the FDA’s website and at, there is nary a word on the USDA home page.

The page about safely handling and dealing with eggs is a good place to start for consumers worried about their own eggs. 

We also repeat the advice we have collected from previous outbreaks: