When Ken called me to tell me he was taking his new job at Kellogg’s, I immediately thought of this cartoon.  Growing up outside Detroit, a highlight of every summer was a trip to Battle Creek, where they let you tour the factory, and at the end would give you samples of the latest Kellogg’s cereal.  I can guaranty you I ate Cocoa Krispies and Froot Loops before you did.  The Cocoa Krispies were served on vanilla ice cream, too, as I recall.  That’s still good.

When Ken first came to Stoel Rives, he was the second lawyer in our office admitted in Alaska, and unlike the first (me) he had actually practiced there.  We first spent time together discussing Alaska projects, but it was our mutual shared love of the Seattle Mariners that was the bedrock of our longstanding friendship.  Kellogg’s is lucky to have him, even though he’s promised that he will not, and his children will not, change their Mariner loyalty.  And he’s fortunate to be working at a company associated with the kind of joy shown in that old Doonesbury cartoon.  Battle Creek makes one think of cereal and box tops traded in for toys, and cereal and box tops make one think of Kellogg’s (even though Post is located there, too).  It’s a great opportunity for Ken to work on food safety inside at such an iconic company, and we wish him well.  Plus we expect to hear from him–and even have him blog right here. 

While Ken has obviously been a gigantic part of our food liability efforts here at Stoel, he leaves behind both a legacy of people he has trained and worked with, and a culture adapted to the legal needs of the food industry.  Watch this space in future weeks as we introduce you to some of the great people who stand ready to serve you!