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USDA Says Continued Research Needed on Distillers Grains

The Nebraska Governor’s Conference on Ensuring Food Safety included a lively discussion on distillers grains and E. coli O157:H7. Dr. Jim Wells at USDA presented data that appears to show some correlation between certain levels of cattle-fed distillers grains and the levels of O157 that appeared in the hides of cattle. Recent research suggests that … Continue Reading

Update On Distillers Grains – E. coli Link Not Established

By Guest Blogger Jason Johns We’ve previously discussed ongoing research concerning safety of distillers grains previously. An article on distillers grains and E. coli in Distillers Grains Monthly (Third Quarter 2008) suggests that the scientific debate continues, and questions remain unanswered. Conflicting studies have now been released by Kansas State University and the University of … Continue Reading